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Construction of roads - Kazakhstan

The project of reconstruction of the highway "Shymkent-Tashkent" (32 km)

In 2017, a huge scale project "Construction works within the South-West road development project" was completed: "Western Europe-Western China" International Transit Corridor (CARES 1B&6B) – Reconstruction project of the "Shymkent-Tashkent" road 774 km – 806 km", as well as "Construction of a highway from KM 268÷360 "Almaty-Kokpek-Chunja-Koktal-Khorgos"- this project provides for the design of 9 cattle creeps, 14 bridges and 8 interchanges.

The customer of this object was the "Roads Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development" of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Initially, the project of highway section reconstruction of «"Shymkent-Tashkent" road 774 km - 806 km (32 km)» was developed in 2004. In 2007, the project was reworked.

In 2012, due to changes in the nominal design loading, the project have been recycled.

The basis for the development of the highway reconstruction project adopted engineering surveys of the highway, made in 2004 and 2007. In March-April 2012, they were supplemented by new research and studies.

A topographical survey of a large number of new off-ramps to the newly built gas filling stations was made, all bridges and interchanges with the adjacent territory were completely reshot, plotting of road sections was expanded in the parts close to residential areas, plotting reworking was conducted in Zhibek Zholy st., the marks of the carriageway in repair sections were checked, the geological surveys of all bridges and cattle creeps were conducted, and pavement parameters for repaired sections were specified.

Below are the main technical parameters adopted in the layout of this highway:

  • Road category – I-b;
  • Design flow – 30 093 vehicles per day:
  • The design velocity is 120 km / h;
  • Number of lanes in each direction – 2;
  • The width of the traffic lane is 3.75 m;
  • The width of the roadside is 3.75 m;
  • The width of the dividing strip between different driving directions – 5 m.

The reconstruction of this section of the road was 100% completed and handed over to the working commission in September 2017. Currently, this section of 774 - 806 km, A 2 road "Shymkent – Tashkent" is in the process.