Our Responsibility


  • Health safety and safety ensurance policy

    While implementation construction and installation works, the management of "EVRASCON" OJSC is primarily intended to ensure the daily safety and health of the company's employees, to warn of accidents, incidents, as well as normal working conditions.

    OJSC "EVRASCON" is responsible for ensuring the safety of its staff, employees of Subcontracting companies, as well as for the protection of health and safety of employees of other offices directly involved in the construction and installation works carried out by the Client.

    Based on the experience and procedures in this area, OJSC "EVRASCON" will carry out all the necessary measures in accordance with the existing legislation to provide and improve the health and safe working conditions of its employees, as well as other participants in the company's construction and production activities.

    OJSC "EVRASCON" will strictly comply with the requirements of existing construction standards, norms and rules for the provision of normal working and safety conditions of workers. OJSC "EVRASCON" will take all measures to prevent the deterioration of injuries and illnesses, as well as the continuous improvement of the HS and WSE system and activities.

    The issues related to potential emergencies, incidents and risks reducing related to employees' activities, as well as health protection are priorities for the management of OJSC "EVRASCON".

    Any level employees of the Company will always defend and implement the policy on health and safety in the OJSC "EVRASCON", strictly following the requirements of existing standards, norms and rules.

  • Ecological policy of OJSC “EVRASCON”

    "EVRASCON" Corporation plans and manages the work at the production and construction sites, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

    The main directions of the policy implemented in the field of ecology are as follows:

    • Environmental impacts in the construction of bridges, roads, energy fields, civil, industrial, hydrotechnical and melioration facilities should not be more than the specified normative limits;
    • The directions listed above will be realized through the following principles;
    • By strict compliance with the requirements of all regulatory documents (IN and Q, DUIST, SIN, etc.) that regulate the construction from the begin of construction works till the commencement to the Client;
    • Compliance with legislative, regulatory and other requirements applicable to production and construction activities of the Company;
    • Carrying out relevant discussions with other interested parties on the improvement of the environmental situation in the construction site;
    • Reduce important environmental aspects and minimize their impact on the environment;
    • Avoiding environmental pollution in construction sites and surrounding areas;
    • To protect flora and fauna on construction site;
    • Continuously improve and maintain the environmental management system to ensure compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001 through monitoring and internal audit systems;
    • Implementing operational corrective and preventive actions aimed at improving the future integrated system.

    The management of "EVRASCON" OJSC takes the following responsibilities:

    • Make known all employees of the Company with its ecological policy;
    • Provide necessary resources to implement the above-mentioned principles.