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Irrigation works - Azerbaijan

Restoration of the inter-farm irrigation network and construction of a sump of the Samur-Absheron canal head structure

Customer: "Land Reclamation and Water Management" OJSC in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The sinker is built on the right bank of Samur River next to the existing structure, which after the 60-years of operation has become unusable.

The new sinker consists of 4 main parts:

  • Forebays (Q = 70 m³ / s);
  • 8th antechambers (Q = 9.14 m³ / s);
  • Clearing devices (Q = 64 m³ / s);
  • Catchment basin (Q = 64 m³ / s).

The sinker is flushed hydraulically. The intake end is equipped with 48 plane gate with hydraulic power. When the normal flow rate is supplied to the sinker (Q = 70 m³ / s), 7 sinker chambers alternately work for sedimentation, and 8 chambers - for washing. If the flow rate is less than the normal one, part of the chambers can be excluded from the work or all the chambers can work with reduced flow, which will increase the level of water clarification.

All designs of the sinker are made of monolithic reinforced concrete of B25, W6, F100 categories, reinforcement of periodic profile of A-III category according to GOST 5781-82*.