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Construction of roads - Kazakhstan

Reconstruction of the motor highway section of the republican subordinance "Border of the Russian Federation (to Samara) - Shymkent through Uralsk, Aktobe, Kyzylorda"

The order was made by the “ROADS COMMITTEE” RK.

The motor highway (km 1702 – km 1752) passes through the Central and Southern part of Kyzylorda Region.

Engineers carried out a large number of preliminary works on topographic, geological and engineering-design surveys. And after coordination with local design and survey organizations, the company started works. Construction on this section was complicated by natural conditions. The climate of the region is sharply continental, with hot dry summers and cold winters, snow covering is unstable. The region is arid. Rainfall from year to year is very variable.

Given the above conditions, the construction of this section was one of the most difficult projects of the EVRASCON Corporation. According to the road-climate classification, the section of the reconstructed motor highway is located in the V zone. Type II pavement.

Technical specifications of the motor highway is the following:

  • Pavement – asphalt concrete;
  • The length of the road is 49 km;
  • Bridges – 12 pieces and one highway interchange at a transport junction;
  • Pipes – round 23 pcs;
  • Cattle creeps – 9 pcs;
  • Design speed – 120 km / h;
  • The carriageway width is 7.5 m;
  • Shoulder width - 3.75 m.