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Construction of bridges - Russia

Reconstruction of the Lenin Dam

The reconstruction of the Lenin (Kremlin) dam in the capital of Tatarstan and the construction of a bridge across the Kazanka River is another successful project implemented by EVRASCON Corporation in the Russian Federation. The project was completed in the summer of 2013, which was a significant event on the eve of the World Universiade in the city of Kazan. The new bridge and traffic interchange allowed to increase the capacity of the route twice.

Lenin dam is the most important transport artery connecting the two parts of the city - the right and left banks of the river Kazanka. Every day there is a quarter of public transport routes. The peculiarity of the dam reconstruction project was the fact that during the work the traffic flow on it was not limited.

The bridge over the Kazanka River consists of three racks: the route is 281.6 m long; two ramps (smooth connection of parts of the road, located in different levels) 75.45 m and 72.85 m long. The span of the bridge is in the form of a monolithic prestressed concrete beam.

The importance of this project for the capital of Tatarstan is particularly evident in its historical aspect. The dam, built at the beginning of the last century, was last reconstructed in the 1950s and was in a pre-emergency condition. The bridge over the river (1956) also repeatedly cracked and partially collapsed. Thanks to a high-level project implemented by the EVRASCON Corporation, the beginning of the dam has been turned into a large multi-level traffic interchange with uninterrupted traffic. After reconstruction, the movement along the dam is carried out in a light-free mode.