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Construction of roads - Uzbekistan

Reconstruction of the highway A-373 "Tashkent-Osh"

The customer is the Republican Road Fund under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The reconstructed 58 km long part on the 116-190 km section is located in Akhangaran district of Tashkent region and Pap district of Namangan region of the Republic of Uzbekistan and passes through the Kamchik Pass with the highest point of 2268 m. Being an international road Kamchik Pass is the only land route for vehicles between the Tashkent area and the Fergana Valley.

Traffic load is 18 530 vehicles per day. The road on the projected section has 4 traffic lanes and belongs to the IB-category. This project includes the overhaul of the road pavement with switching over to a rigid type of topping and the widening of the traffic way in each direction from 7.5 m to 10.5 m.

Taking into account the operating conditions of this road, the following parameters of the road components were adopted:

  • Width of subgrade – 26.40 m;
  • Width of the traffic way– 2 x 10.5 m;
  • The width of the fortified part on the dividing strip – 2 x 1.0 m.

Construction of road pavement:

  • Coating of monolithic concrete - h = 31 cm;
  • The top layer of the base consisting of the crushed stone-sand mixture reinforced with cement up to 6% - h = 20 cm;
  • Levelling layer of crushed stone gravel-sand mixture, with the addition of 10% crushed stone;
  • Existing asphalt-concrete pavement.

In total, the works performed on the project include:

  • Works on the provision of artificial structures;
  • Works on the provision of the top layer of the formation – CTB;
  • Works on the provision of a cement concrete pavement;
  • Works on the provision of the hard shoulders;
  • Works on the road furniture.