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Offshore works - Kazakhstan

Reconstruction of the ferry terminal of Aktau port

Aktau sea port is the main port of Kazakhstan, located on the Eastern shore of the Caspian sea, 10 km south of Aktau. Aktau has road, rail and air communications with Central and Eastern Kazakhstan. In addition, there is a ferry connection with Baku, served by Dagestan-type vessels. The same ferries also operate on the Baku-Turkmenbashi route.

A general description of the works performed by the EVRASCON Corporation:

Marine works:

  • Repair of concrete walls;
  • İnstallation of fenders;
  • Dismantling of old fenders;
  • Repair of pier decking;
  • Restoration of fences, slopes.

Works on the platform:

  • Replacement of the superstructure decking;
  • Replacement of superstructure of railway tracks;
  • Cleaning of stairs off the rust and repainting them in 3 layers.

Works on the central control tower:

  • Renovation of the roof, walls and stairs;
  • Replacement of control boards and navigation station;
  • Furniture supply.

Works on the lifting towers:

  • Sealing of counterweight shafts;
  • İnstallation of permanent pumps;
  • Replacement of lifting cables;
  • Dismantling and cleaning of mechanical equipment;
  • Replacement of electrical parts;
  • Repair works on the upper steel and glass structures.

Ground works on the railroad tracks:

  • Dismantling of manual drives and replacing them with electro-automatic ones;
  • Renovation of the railway control room;
  • Updating of control panels, navigation equipment and communication cables;
  • Renovation of traffic lights.

Electricity works:

  • Construction of a new transformer substation;
  • Laying of 500 m long 6 kW feeder cable;
  • İnstallation of 400 V distribution cables.

The project was put into operation in 2001.