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Construction of bridges - Kazakhstan

New bridge over the Ural River

A new bridge across the Ural River in the Atyrau Oblast of Kazakhstan, built by EVRASCON Corporation and commissioned in 2018, connected not only two banks, but also two continents.

Here is the natural border between Europe and Asia. Previously, residents of the villages of Makhambet region, located on opposite shores, moved to the other side on the ferry, and in winter - right on the ice. One can imagine the complexity and danger of such crossings, and going around it meant 60 km of an additional route..

After the opening of the bridge connecting the Atyrau-Aktobe-Astrakhan highway, bypassing the regional center, logistics for local residents and freight forwarders from Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as from other countries heading to Europe and Asia, improved. The bridge freed the regional center from traffic jams and created a transport corridor in the direction of Atyrau-Aktobe-Astrakhan and Atyrau-Uralsk.

The implementation of this project was another achievement of EVRASCON Corporation, which showed its best technologies during the construction of such a high-dimensional structure. The unique reinforced concrete structure, with a lifting capacity of 180 tons, built entirely from concrete and without supports in the water, is the only such structure in Kazakhstan.

Bridge specifications:

  • Bridge length – 660 m;
  • Width – 13 m.

Access roads were built on both sides of the bridge, connecting 8.5 km of Atyrau-Inderborsky and Atyrau-Uralsk highways. The channel part of the river is blocked by a span with a box section of a beam type 288 m long.

The scaffolding passage is provided for ships 100 m wide, 10.5 m high from the estimated shipping horizon.