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Construction of bridges - Kazakhstan

Bridge over the Syrdarya River

For the first time on the “Western Europe - Western China” project within the territory of Kyzylorda Region, EVRASCON Corporation applied the technology of bridge building with a monolithic superstructure. "KazAvtoZhol" JSC was the customer.

Taking into account the design, constructions of this type have several advantages, in addition to durability, including reliability, safety, short construction period, aesthetic appearance, the possibility of individual design and construction in any region. Bridge construction took 2 years.

The main part of the “Western Europe - Western China” highway with a length of 812 km is located on the territory of Kyzylorda Region. Construction of 48 bridges was planned within the project; EVRASCON Corporation implemented 12 of them.

The bridge over the Syr Darya River - entered the top ten largest bridges in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was built on Alseit site in Kazaly district. A new path through the SyrDarya River allowed solving the problem of residents of riverside villages. Nearly 15 thousand people for more than 30 years had to use the old passage that functions only in summer and can't be used for heavy vehicles.

The bridge span was 387 meters, the roadbed consists of four lanes, the width of each is 3.5 meters, and the bridge capacity is 180 tons.

Thanks to this construction, the life of the local population was simplified. Because during the ice drift, the ferries were removed, and reaching the regional center was possible only bypassing the Basykar village. Taking into account the difficult path across the river and swamps, more than one generation of local residents dreamed about this bridge.

This project is an indicator of the highend professionalism of the EVRASCON Corporation, being capable to implement projects of any complexity, showing confidence in the Corporation’s experience and competence abroad.