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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Bridge over the river Kishchay on the highway Sheki-Kish

The Kish village, in which the church of St. Elisha is located, is located a few kilometers from the city of Sheki and is strongly associated with this ancient Azerbaijani city with its history and culture.

The length of the bridge is 88.2 meters, width - 11 meters. The Client was "Azerbaijan Highway State Agency". The width of the roadway of the new bridge is 8 meters.

In order to ensure comfortable and safe movement of pedestrians, pavements 1.5 meters wide were built on both sides of the road. The bridge is single-span, the height of the bridge above the riverbed is 7 meters, which will prevent the bridge from causing damage to mudflows in the future.

In July 2016, mudslides that descended as a result of heavy rains destroyed the road bridge across the Kish River, as a result of which the transport link of the Kish village with the regional center was interrupted.

On 17 August 2016, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the reconstruction of a single bridge connecting the village of Kish, in which seven thousand people live, with the surrounding settlements and the construction was entrusted to the Corporation “EVRASCON”.

Bridge specifications:

  • Scheme - 1 х 80.2 m;
  • Total length - L = 89.2 m;
  • Overall dimensions - G = 7.0 m.

The bridge span is taken in the form of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab, suspended on a metal arch. The extreme supports of the bridge are designed by massive individual construction.