Project "Construction of a pedestrian crossing at 21.4 km of the M-4 highway Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh"

Our company is continuing the project "Construction of a pedestrian crossing at km 21.4 of the M-4 Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh highway".

Customer - Azerbaijan State Agency of Motorways.

The main indicators of the pedestrian crossing:

Length - 42.5 m

Width - 2.25 m

Underpass clearance - 5.50 m

The number of inputs and outputs - 2 units -

Elevator - 2 units

Utility room 3000x2440x2500mm - 1 piece

The foundations of the pedestrian crossing are made of reinforced concrete poured on piles, and the overpass construction is made of steel. The utility room is designed with a metal frame on a reinforced concrete pan and 60 mm thick sandwich material RAL 7042. Doors and windows will consist of metal-plastic, and the floor will consist of laminate boards on a heat-insulating concrete preparatory layer. The service room will be equipped with electricity, heating and air-conditioning systems and a video surveillance system. Metal elements are assembled and welded in factory conditions.