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The CPT test is used to determine the geotechnical properties of the soil and has become the international, most widely used and accepted test method for determination of soil geotechnical properties

The CPT installation of the penetrometer is suitable for all types of electrical and mechanical CPT tests with a maximum pushing force of 200 kN, such as:

  • Electrical CPTU-test with pintle;
  • Electric CPT-test with standard CFI electric cone;
  • Power dissipation test (using pintle);
  • SCPT(U) seismic testing with a three-axis seismic adapter;
  • Continuous and intermittent mechanical CPT-test with automated CPT data recording;
  • Continuous and intermittent mechanical CPT-test with manual CPT recording.

When performing CPT-testing before and after ground works, test results can be used to determine the strength of the soil acquired after landscaping, and most importantly to determine the mechanical behavior of the soil and its variability.

All tests are conducted on the basis of national and international standards.