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Tunnel works - Russia

Metro station "Novopredelkino" on Solntsevskaya line in Moscow

EVRASCON Corporation specializes in various fields of construction from the very beginning of its entry into the international market. The corporation performs a complex of works on the construction of objects of any complexity, including the laying of underground tunnels for subway lines. Thanks to the introduction of innovations, the qualification of multidisciplinary personnel and the accumulated experience, Azerbaijani builders can withstand compliance with international quality standards in all projects.

The advantages of cooperation with EVRASCON Corporation were clearly manifested in the construction of new metro stations in Moscow. The corporation carried out design work (a “wall in soil” complex of reinforced concrete structures, LTF contracting works (local treatment facilities) at a ventilation well) at Novoperedelkino station on the Solntsevskaya line. The station opened on August 30, 2018.