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Offshore works - Kazakhstan

Ferry Terminal at Port Kuryk

Among the successfully implemented infrastructure projects with the participation of EVRASCON Corporation in Kazakhstan is the project of extension of the port of Aktau (2008) and the construction of the New Ferry Complex in Port Kuryk 70 km south of the city of Aktau.

Vertical planning of the territory with the construction of the Kuryk port facilities began in spring 2015, and in December 2016, the first launch complex was commissioned. Such a pace of construction work could, of course, be assumed only by a team of high-class professionals who have powerful equipment in their arsenal, owning modern construction and management technologies. EVRASCON Corporation in this project proved that its team is ready to perform tasks of any complexity, without reducing the speed of construction, and to hand over the object in a timely manner.

The ferry complex at Port Kuryk is capable of accepting road and rail ferries. There are 4 berths in the port, the length of the berth line is 466 m. The maximum parameters of the vessels received are: length - up to 170 m, width - up to 17.5 m. The total design capacity of the ferry complex is 10 million tons per year.

According to the working documentation was carried out:

  • Construction of a pier for receiving railway ferries and has overal dimensions of 174 m × 13.4 m;
  • The construction of the eastern and construction unit has dimensions of 18.2 m × 17.8 m;
  • Installation of bored piles for lifting transitional bridges;
  • Construction of a pier for receiving Ro-Ro car ferries and has dimensions of 174 m × 11.6 m;
  • The structure of the quay wall with a cargo platform for a heavy crane has dimensions of 304.4 m × 71 m;
  • Construction of the eastern protective pier 250 m + 33 m long;
  • Construction of the western guard pier with a length of 393 m + 33 m.

EVRASCON Corporation is also busy in the construction of facilities for the second launch complex of this multimodal transport hub. The commissioning of the ferry complex in the port of Kuryk opens up new opportunities for cooperation with the Baku International Sea Port (Port in Alat), also built with the participation of EVRASCON Corporation. The development of logistics infrastructure on the Trans-Caspian route through the port of Kuryk will give impetus to the trade flows of the revived Silk Road and will contribute to the development of the entire Caspian region.