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Irrigation works - Azerbaijan

Ecological protection of the Jeyranbatan reservoir

Rational use of natural resources of water reservoirs significantly depends on economic activities, environmental protection measures in the water collection area above the reservoir, including water use conditions, land use, deforestation, discharge of untreated sewage water, etc., which can lead to deterioration of water quality and accelerated siltation of the reservoir.

Therefore, Environmental Protection plays an important role in the construction of the reservoir.

EVRASCON Corporation, which participated in the construction of one of the largest reservoirs, both in Azerbaijan and in Europe, the Jeyranbatan reservoir, could not but pay proper and necessary attention to the environmental protection of this project.

General description of the work performed:

  • Construction of the fenced territory of the reservoir with a length of 24.38 km;
  • Metal fence - 22.948 km;
  • Fencing of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs - 1.432 km;
  • Police checkpoints - 5 pcs .;
  • Water pumping stations - 2 sets;
  • Wiring distribution and irrigation lines for afforestation - 6650 pm;
  • Construction of reservoir for water with a volume of 2000 m³ from monolithic reinforced concrete - 1 pc .;
  • Restoration and planting of new forest stands on the reservoir territory - 85 ha;
  • Removal of foreign objects from the territory of the protection zone - 32 pcs .;
  • Installation of high-quality filling - 33.36 thousand m³;
  • Protective structures for removal of surface water - 11 sets;
  • Clay screen - 800 m³;
  • Service roads - 3.47 km.

The project was commissioned in 2004 according to the International norms and standards of the Environmental Protection Policy.