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Irrigation works - Azerbaijan

Takhtakorpu reservoir and HPS

The customer was the Republic of Azerbaijan "Melioration and Water Industry" OJSC.

One of the most topical projects today, which was commissioned by "Melioration and Water Farm" OJSC, is the construction of strategically important water supply for the cities of Baku, Sumgayit and the entire Absheron peninsula of the Tahtakorpu hydroelectric complex, worth several hundred million manat. In addition to the main task of improving water supply - along the way, the construction of a hydroelectric complex increased the additional energy potential of nearby areas.

The reservoir of the hydroelectric complex is located at 32 km of the new canal Velvelechay-Jeyranbatan, on the territory of two districts - Shabran and Siyazan, on the tip of the southeastern ridge of the large Caucasus Range. Elevations range from 50 to 250 meters. Hydroelectric station site is located five kilometers west of the Shabran-Siyazan highway.

n earthen dam with a central clay core and gravel-sand prisms with a length of 1180 m along the ridge was designed with a 750 m wide base. About two and a half tens of millions of cubic meters of soil were poured into the body of the dam. The 135.5 m high reservoir with a capacity of 218.9 million cubic meters of usable volume (total 268 million cubic meters) is one of the highest and largest in Europe.

Hydroelectric complex main structures include an earthen embankment dam, an energy path and an emergency spillway. The lined tunnel with a length of 500 m and a diameter of D = 4 m with a water consumption of 40 cubic/s is completed by the building of a hydroelectric power station of 25 MW with three units. A catastrophic spillway of 0.01% of provision for consumption of 84 cubic/s was also constructed 1000 m long with a damper at the end.