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Construction of roads - Kazakhstan

Highway "Bypass of Shymkent"

The customer of this project was the "South-Kazakhstan Regional Department of the Roads Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan State Institution".

As part of this project the construction of motor highway with cement concrete pavement of the first category was conducted with a length of 36.5 km on the road section from 2231 km of the highway from the border of the Russian Federation "Samara – Shymkent" to 674 km of the highway "Khorgos-Almaty-Shymkent»

In addition to the construction of a concrete 4-lane motor highway (concrete thickness was 27 cm), this project included the construction of 4 road junctions, 2 bridges with a total length of 124.4 m and 5 highway interchanges with a total length of 334.548 m.