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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Construction of an overpass at the junction of Horadiz-Jabrail-Zangilan-Agbend highway

The construction of the Horadiz-Jabrail-Zangilan-Agbend (Zangezur Corridor) highway is on track. The foundation of the corridor was laid last year on October 26 by the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey. EVRASCON Corporation participates actively in implementation of this project.

Our specialists designed the overpass using the following scheme 15.0 + 2 x 21.0 + 15.0 m, with a total length L = 80.20 m and a width G = 10.0 + 2 x 0.75 m at the junction of the Horadiz-Jabrail-Zangilan-Agbend highway.

The overpass was designed in accordance with the Construction norm and regulation 2.05.03-84* considering seismic loads (9 magnitude earthquake) with А-15, НК (vehicular load) - 100. These features ensure safety and durability of the construction.

Designing occupies a special role in the activities of our Company. Our team was engaged in developing thorough plan for:

  • Designing of the exterior support No. 1, consisting of two 1000 mm diameter lattice rows on bored piles, 2 bulks, crossbars and supporting aisles;
  • Individual designing of the exterior support No. 4, consisting of a 1-row pile-supported bored crossbar;
  • Designing of center support structures, consisting of 3 rows based on 1000 mm diameter bored piles, 2 pillars.

"EVRASCON" is engaged in implementing projects of state and international importance. We go the extra mile. Interesting projects to implement are ahead.