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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Cable stable bridge near the "Koroglu" metro station

Magnificent synthesis of engineering and architectural thought, construction innovation and quality of performance - this is how a cable-stayed bridge can be characterized at a traffic interchange near the Koroglu metro station in Baku. It is no coincidence that the bridge, striking in its elegance and majesty, immediately after the opening, took its place among the new symbols of the capital of Azerbaijan.

A difficult road junction at the intersection of Heydar Aliyev and Ziya Bunyatov Avenues is one of the largest projects carried out by "EVRASCON" Corporation and having no analogues in the CIS, consists of 9 bridges, accesses to bridges, highways that are part of the junctionwith the total length 3145 m.

The construction of the road junction was started in April 2006 by order of the President of Azerbaijan and was implemented in three stages.

The I junction complex (commissioned in July 2008) includes three overpasses with access roads and roads with a total length of 1286 meters.

In July 2010, the II complex of the junction was opened - an overpass suspended on parabolic metal arches, 4 overpasses and access roads to them with a total length of 1194 meters.

Finally, in May 2012, the opening of the III complex of the junction took place, which consists of an overpass of a cable structure with a length of 665 m and access roads. The length of the cable-stayed superstructure, first constructed in this region, is 360 m, the height of the middle pylon is 98 m.

52 ropes were used in the span, the width of the carriageway on the bridge is 9 m. Specialists of the Moscow Institute IMIDIS tested overpasses and noted the high quality and reliability of the structures.

President Ilham Aliyev took part in the opening ceremonies of all three complexes, giving a high assessment to the work of the "EVRASCON" Corporation.

The road junction provided free and safe car traffic in the direction of the airport, along Gara Garayev Avenue, to the residential area of the 8th km, Bakikhanov village, in the direction of the 20 Yanvar underground and to the city center.