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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Bridge crossing over the river Hamamchay

The Client is OAO Melioration and Water Management of Azerbaijan Republic.

The bridge is located on the river Hamamchay near the village of Ilisu. Hamamchay is an affluent of the Kurmuk River, is a mountain river with a strong current, which significantly complicates the work.
The span of the bridge is presented in the form of a metal arch with a ride on top.

Bridge specifications:

  • Bridge scheme - 1 х 56.0;
  • Total bridge length - 80.5 m;
  • Full beam width - 8.5 m;
  • The length of each span is 30 m.

The project was entrusted to EVRASCON Corporation in 2010, and the duration was only 1 year.